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January 24, 1958 Cabinet Meeting on Highways

This is a PDF of the White House records of a Cabinet meeting held by President Eisenhower on January 24, 1958 that discussed Byrd Test funding delays and escalating cost estimates in the Interstate Highway…

Byrd Amendment to Highway Revenue Act of 1956

This is the actual “Byrd Test” amendment offered by Sen. Harry Byrd at the Senate Finance Committee markup of the Highway Revenue Act of 1956 on May 22, 1956. Reproduced from the original in the…

1969 FHWA History and Analysis of Highway Apportionment Factors

This is a June 1969 internal Federal Highway Administration study written by Alan R. Kooney of the Policy Planning Division that may be the best history ever written of how apportionment formulas for federal-aid highway…

‘Green New Deal’ To Seek Transport Overhaul

“The Green New Deal will include a shift in transportation systems away from fossil fuels, according to a still-vague draft released to the press on Thursday. It’s a “slogan in search of specific policy solutions,”…

Amazon’s HQ2 project bypasses Raleigh on its way to D.C., New York — and Nashville area

Regarding Amazon’s HQ2, Eno President Robert Puentes cautions that the addition of a major employer doesn’t always strain the highways – it depends on how the development takes shape.

Sept. 1978 Letter to US House Members from Transportation Stakeholders

This is a September 15, 1978 letter from various surface transportation stakeholder groups to all members of the US House of Representatives opposing an amendment to the highway bill to be offered by Budget Committee…

Sept. 1978 “Dear Colleague” Letter from House Public Works Against Giamo Amendment

This is a “Dear Colleague” letter to House members sent by members of the Public Works and Transportation Committee on September 19, 1978 in opposition to an amendment by Budget chairman Bob Giamo (D-CT) that…

Lower Bucks has a smog problem; this spring was the worst in a decade

In an article about air pollution in Bucks County, PA, Eno Senior Fellow Jeff Davis explains the split between federal funding for roads/highways and public transportation.