This is a PDF of the White House records of a Cabinet meeting held by President Eisenhower on January 24, 1958 that discussed Byrd Test funding delays and escalating cost estimates in the Interstate Highway System construction program. It contains four separate documents:

  • A January 23 memo to the President explaining what would be discussed at the meeting (2 pages)
  • The official minutes of the Cabinet meeting (4 pages)
  • Unsigned notes on the highway discussion portion of the meeting marked “Need to Know” (7 pages)
  • The official Record of Action of the meeting prepared the following day (2 pages)

Original documents are located in the folder entitled “Cabinet Meeting of January 24, 1958” in Box 10 of the Cabinet Series of the Ann Whitman File of the Eisenhower Presidential Papers in the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Abilene, Kansas.