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Empowering Tomorrow’s Transportation Leaders

The esteemed Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) has been a cornerstone of Eno’s legacy, shaping visionary leaders for over 27 cohorts. This unique program offers a select group of the nation’s top graduate students in transportation an in-depth look into the development of national transportation policies. Participants engage in a week-long intensive experience in Washington, DC, where they interact with key policymakers, industry leaders, and fellow transportation enthusiasts.

We are thrilled to announce the return of the LDC in 2024, reigniting the spirit of leadership and innovation in a post-COVID world. Stay tuned for the latest updates as we prepare to welcome a new cohort of aspiring leaders.

SAVE THE DATE: June 2-6, 2024

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From Alumni

“The LDC program has at least two lasting impacts: teaching fellows how policy is made and how complex the process is, and establishing a network of fellows. Both of these can help fellows be more effective transportation professionals.”

“So many great conversations! Not only did I get to meet four (FOUR!) former secretaries of transportation, I got to nerd out with other Eno Fellows about transportation policy all week. Talking with so many smart, dedicated people really broadened my view of how we can and should make transportation decisions.”

“The LDC showed multiple pathways for researchers to influence policy. The decision-makers we met with said over and over that they don’t want to just hand down policy from on high. They are hungry for evidence and want to hear from people like me.”

“The remarkable aspect of the LDC program, in my mind, lies with the personal connections made with my peers. I find it incredibly rewarding to interact with my Eno Fellows at conferences and meetings all over the country, and hearing about all of their great successes.”