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Climate Change Is Already Impacting The Region’s Public Transit

Eno’s Policy Analyst Brianne Eby discusses the local impacts of climate change and how it could affect public transit in the region.

What the closing of Chariot shuttles means for our progress toward new mobility

Despite the shuttering of Ford’s microtransit arm, efficient and on-demand shuttles are here to stay — they just have to find their path. Eno’s Microtransit paper is cited.

Tokyo Metro offers free noodles to help thin out rush hour crowds

Robert Puentes of the Eno Center for Transportation tells NPR that although numerous subway systems in the U.S. experience lamentable overcrowding during rush hour, none offer perks like food vouchers to commuters who are willing…

Regionwide bus route overhaul to start next year

Eno’s President and CEO Rob Puentes is chairing the Bus Transformation Project’s Executive Steering Committee, which will make recommendations to help speed up buses and provide better service in the DC area.

Region’s bus network is too slow, complex, and increasingly threatened by competition, analysis says

Eno and the Boston Consulting Group presented to the DC Metro board the factors contributing to steep Metrobus ridership declines.

Tokyo’s Metro Is Betting Free Soba Noodles Can Help Ease Congestion

Tokyo’s metro system is offering free soba noodles for riders who travel early – Eno’s Rob Puentes says there’s nothing quite like it in the U.S.

Could a Chinese-made Metro car spy on us? Many experts say yes.

Eno President Robert Puentes comments on concerns that Chinese-made transit railcars could be a threat to national security. The article refers to Eno’s recent report on the topic.