This is the text of a proposed amendment in the nature of a substitute (complete replacement) to the bill H.R. 2, the INVEST in America Act. (H.R. 2, introduced on June 11, is identical to H.R. 7095, introduced June 2.)

The substitute is 64 pages longer than H.R. 2 as introduced. A number of typographical errors have been fixed, and a the highway obligation limitations in section 1102 for fiscal years 2022-2025 have been amended in the substitute to be consistent with the actual amount of highway contract authority provided (the ob limits may still be $4 million per year too high, according to our revised authorization table).

Sections 5503 and 8204 of H.R. 2 have been removed by the substitute, and the substitute adds new sections 1615, 1616, 2107, 2108, 4103, 4205, 5109 and 9403.

The substitute will be the base text to which members will offer further amendments at the scheduled June 17 markup.