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Voters Decide Fate of Transportation Funding Measures on State Ballots

Eno President Robert Puentes says the Trump Administration encourages “self-help” on the parts of states and cities dealing with transportation infrastructure challenges.

Transportation Funding Questions to Appear on State Midterm Ballots

Eno Center’s Robert Puentes says state and local efforts to boost transportation funding are indicative of a broad recognition that financial help from a federal infrastructure plan is nowhere in sight.

NJ Transit incident serves as alarming reminder of nation’s infrastructure woes

Eno’s recent report, “Tools for a Smoother Ride,” urges transit agencies to better manage routine repair and upkeep to help avoid incidents like a metal bracket piercing through a NJ Transit train last week.

U.S. trains are slow. Can we fix them?

In a new video about why high-speed rail has been so slow to come to the U.S., Eno President and CEO Robert Puentes comments on how states and cities are taking the lead in investing…

What could deliver Amazon HQ2 to Newark? Maybe the transit system you ride (and loathe)

Eno President and CEO Robert Puentes spoke to the Bergen Record about Newark’s bid to host Amazon’s HQ2. The city boasts an impressive transit network, but the aging infrastructure poses a challenge as Newark seeks…