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Arizona Slow To Adopt Alternative Fuel Policies Despite Climate Change Effects, Population Growth

Paul Lewis says the transportation sector “has been particularly difficult to decarbonize,” posing a “huge environmental challenge.”

Money may matter more than age when it comes to teen drivers

Eno President Robert Puentes says teen driving is “ticking back up” as the economy has recovered, but that it is still less prevalent than it was a few decades ago.

Commutes taking their toll on workers in Denver, Miami, other major U.S. cities, new survey finds

Robert Puentes says longer commute times lead to a lower quality of life – but at the same time, the economic recovery has led to more people buying cars and moving further away from urban…

Americans’ commutes keep getting longer, according to survey data

Eno President and CEO Rob Puentes comments on the DC metro area having the second longest commute times in the nation – and what it means for quality of life.

Guest column: Trump puts U.S. leadership of auto industry at risk

Eno senior fellow Emil Frankel teamed up with former deputy secretary of transportation John D. Porcari on this op-ed about how the Trump administration’s rollback of fuel efficiency standards will hurt the U.S. auto industry.

Every day on Chicago streets, there are 319 crashes; Chatham block has the most

The Chicago Department of Transportation has released a wealth of data about car crashes in the city; Eno Policy Analyst Alice Grossman reacts.