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Public Transit Keeps Orlando Moving Despite Tragedy

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Regionwide bus route overhaul to start next year

Eno’s President and CEO Rob Puentes is chairing the Bus Transformation Project’s Executive Steering Committee, which will make recommendations to help speed up buses and provide better service in the DC area.

Region’s bus network is too slow, complex, and increasingly threatened by competition, analysis says

Eno and the Boston Consulting Group presented to the DC Metro board the factors contributing to steep Metrobus ridership declines.

US moves towards ban on Chinese rolling stock

The United States Congress is moving towards a one-year ban on the use of federal funding for the purchase of rolling stock from Chinese government-owned or subsidised companies, according to Eno senior fellow Jeff Davis.

US policymakers seek to restrict procurement from Chinese suppliers

The Senate included a one-year ban on rail and bus procurement from Chinese firms in its transportation appropriations package.

Swope offers another Nashville transit plan: Autonomous vehicles, stacked interstates

Paul Lewis, policy vice president at Eno Center for Transportation, talks about the costs and feasibility of autonomous busses and double-stacked highways for this article about an alternative transit plan in Nashville.