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Driverless Industry Surges Forward While Hill Hiccups on Regulation

Paul Lewis says that even if the AV START bill doesn’t pass this Congress, legislators will have more opportunities to regulate the AV industry before AVs are commercially deployed.

Mobility Outlook: Your Commute 2035

Robert Puentes joined Post Live for a panel discussion on the future of transportation technology, including dockless mobility, ride sharing, and autonomous vehicles.

The Auto Industry’s VHS-or-Betamax Moment

This article on the debate over whether to use DSRC or 5G for connected vehicle technology mentions the point/counterpoint published on ETW by Hilary Cain of Toyota and Jessica Nigro of Daimler.

Elon Musk’s Chicago Tunnel: A Breakthrough or a Pipe Dream?

Eno President and CEO Robert Puentes says that “the pace of change [in transportation technology] is more rapid than anything I’ve seen in my career.”

Seminars at Steamboat speaker looks into future of driverless vehicles

Eno President Rob Puentes told a Seminars at Steamboat audience that common use of full autonomous vehicle, or AVs, are a generation to 50 years off, but communities need to start implementing rules and regulations…

Self-driving car testing bill may get Senate vote

Eno Policy Analyst Alice Grossman talks about the prospects for the AV START Act getting passed by Congress as part of the FAA reauthorization bill.

Seminars at Steamboat looks at self-driving cars

Eno President and CEO Robert Puentes will present “The Road Ahead for Autonomous Vehicles” as part of the Seminars at Steamboat series of nonpartisan policy discussions.

Swope offers another Nashville transit plan: Autonomous vehicles, stacked interstates

Paul Lewis, policy vice president at Eno Center for Transportation, talks about the costs and feasibility of autonomous busses and double-stacked highways for this article about an alternative transit plan in Nashville.