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Lyft pulls e-bikes from San Francisco after battery fires

It’s important to think about the city’s policy goals… If the goal is to reduce vehicle miles traveled, does banning dockless vehicles for however long meet those goals? This is something we can collect data on as we investigate, and I would approach it from that perspective.

What the closing of Chariot shuttles means for our progress toward new mobility

Despite the shuttering of Ford’s microtransit arm, efficient and on-demand shuttles are here to stay — they just have to find their path. Eno’s Microtransit paper is cited.

Opinion: The Story of “Micro Transit” Is Consistent, Dismal Failure

Angie Schmitt of Streetsblog makes the case that microtransit “hasn’t lived up to the hype.” She cites Eno’s report, “UpRouted: Exploring Microtransit in the United States” which found that Santa Clara Valley’s microtransit experiment saw…