Eno’s MAX Program Takes Off with Airports

Like most of transportation, the world of aviation is going through an exciting and dynamic period. For airports, the fast-moving changes in travel demand, consequential federal legislation, and evolving metropolitan economies, mean it is more critical than ever that key employees understand these major trends and policy moves, both at their own airport and elsewhere. They also need comprehensive leadership training and professional growth opportunities to accelerate their high-potential talent’s path to leadership.

To meet this need, Eno is partnering with three major metropolitan airports to launch an exciting and innovative airport-led program designed and co-created to build a pipeline of leadership and encourage retention of the high-performing talent within their workforce. It is modeled after the Eno/MAX (Multi-Agency Exchange) program designed for public transit providers.

“For the past seven years, Eno partnered with major transit agencies on a peer-to-peer collaborative leadership and professional development initiative. Since its inception, Eno/MAX brought together hundreds of agency professionals to learn from each other and develop novel, implementable ideas that literally save participating agencies millions of dollars,” said Robert Puentes, Eno’s President and CEO. “Now, Eno is bringing the MAX model to the aviation industry with the launch of AirMAX.”

AirMAX is uniquely designed to explore on-the-ground issues in order to help airport staff do their jobs better, hone their leadership skills, and improve their agency. The program’s pilot year will launch in 2024 and include Denver International Airport (DEN), Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), and Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). AirMAX provides a structured and formal collaborative best-practice sharing and leadership development program because, although each airport is different, they do share similar challenges, needs, and opportunities.

Phillip A. Washington, the CEO of Denver International Airport said, “The aviation industry depends on so many connections. Because of this unique interconnectivity, it’s critical for airport leaders to collaborate as we navigate changes in travel demand, aviation megatrends, federal legislation, metropolitan economies and more. I helped develop the Eno/MAX Program so I know how powerful these exchanges can be. Denver International Airport is already onboard and we’re ready for collaboration.”

Each year, AirMAX participating airports will strategically select a handful of high potential and high-performance people to participate in the program. These are typically managers from all organizational disciplines (operations, finance, planning, administration, engineering, etc.) some of whom have gone through internal development and training programs. This cohort of participants then visits each airport in the program during the year.

“AirMAX will empower emerging leaders in aviation to develop smarter, deeper, and faster. The program is uniquely designed to cultivate talent and innovation across all aspects of airport operations. For nearly two years, Eno relentlessly pursued these airports, their excellence, and global impact,” said Eno Chief Learning Officer Dyan Wolfe. “We are both proud and thrilled to announce our collaboration with this founding cohort of visionary, world-class airports.”

Airports interested in applying to join AirMAX should contact justlead@enotrans.org.

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