This PDF file contains records from the Eisenhower Library on the Cabinet meeting of September 30, 1955, which was historic in several respects. as it was the first Cabinet meeting conducted in Eisenhower’s absence – he had suffered a massive heart attack while on vacation in Colorado on September 24. The file contains five documents:

  • A September 26, 1955 memo from Cabinet Secretary Max Rabb to Chief of Staff Sherman Adams suggesting a Cabinet meeting for late September “to help emphasize to the whole country that we have a team here in smooth continuous operation.” (1 page)
  • The formal agenda for the September 30 meeting (dated September 29), which includes, among the agenda items, how the Administration was going to regroup following the defeat of the President’s highway plan in Congress earlier that year. (2 pages)
  • The minutes of the September 30 meeting, at which many things were discussed, including the highway plan. (7 pages)
  • The formal Record of Action taken at the meeting, dated October 1. (3 pages)
  • Rabb’s memo to President Eisenhower, dated October 6, summarizing what went on in the September 30 meeting. (2 pages)

The minutes are interesting for non-highway reasons because they recount the discussions of how the government was to function during the absence and incapacity of the President for an unknown period of time.