This PDF file contains documents relating to the October 28, 1955 Cabinet meeting. This was another meeting conducted in the absence of President Eisenhower due to his September 24, 1955 heart attack.

The file consists of the following documents:

  • The agenda and invitee list for the meeting. (2 pages)
  • The minutes of the meeting, at which Commerce Secretary Sinclair Weeks announced that “the bond proposal had now been eliminated as a possibility” and that his Cabinet committee “recommended a package of new or increased taxes so as to finance the $26 billion program for the intra-State [sic] system over a 15-year period. The taxes would include a 2¢ increase on gasoline, an increase on tires, a tax on camel back [rubber], and an increase of 2% on the excise tax on trucks and buses, bringing it up equal to the automobile excise.” Weeks said he wanted to brief the state governors on the plan on November 3, and the Cabinet gave its general agreement. (5 pages)
  • The summary of the Cabinet meeting sent to President Eisenhower in Colorado on October 28, 1955. (4 pages)
  • The official Record of Action of the meeting. (3 pages)

Originals in the Cabinet Series of the Ann Whitman file in the Eisenhower Library.