Text of the Department of Transportation Appropriations Act for fiscal year 1987. Its provenance is complicated. Section 101(l) of Public Law 99-591 (very large file – 62 MB) simply deemed the conference report on the FY 1987 bill (House Report 99-976) to be enacted, with one change to section 331. But the text of the FY 1987 Act, as enacted by section 101(l), never appears in the Statutes at Large or in Public Law form as a slip law. And even the conference report is meaningless without a copy of the public print of the bill, which contains both the text of the House-passed bill (H.R. 5205) and the 129 Senate amendments. However, a few years later, the Appropriations Committees published the text of the law as enacted in their archival “brown book” series, which can be downloaded by clicking the link at right.