Text of the FY 1971 Department of Transportation appropriations act. Its provenance is complicated. There was a Senate filibuster of the FY 1971 DOT Appropriations conference report over funding for supersonic transport development. After two failed cloture votes, the Senate tabled the conference report on December 29, 1970 and requested a new conference, which the House did not agree to. On January 2, 1971 Congress enacted a continuing resolution (P.L. 91-645) funding DOT accounts through March 31, 1971 at the rate set in the conference report (H. Rept. 91-1730) adopted by the House on December 15, 1970. On March 30, 1971, Congress enacted a final CR (P.L. 92-7) funding DOT accounts at the same conference report rate through the end of FY 1971 except for SST development, which was limited by the CR. For this reason, the text of the FY 1971 DOT Appropriations Act never appears the Statutes at Large or in Public Law form as a slip law. However, a few years later, the Appropriations Committees published the text of the law as enacted in their archival “brown book” series, which can be downloaded by clicking the link at right.