This is the White House Executive Clerk’s enrolled bill file for the bill S. 3502 of the 85th Congress, which was a bill proposing to reauthorize the federal airport grant program for four more years with at funding levels that would have been a 63 percent increase over the then-current levels.

The file contains the views of federal agencies (Bureau of the Budget, the Commerce Department, and the Airways Modernization Board) recommending a veto of the bill. (It also contains a lot of leave-behind documents from the airport lobby who were trying to get the President to sign the bill.)

President Eisenhower pocket vetoed S. 3502 on September 2, 1958. President Eisenhower’s formal statement accompanying the veto is here.

Source: White House Office: Record Officer Reports to the President on Pending Legislation, 1953-61, Box 143, folder entitled “Vetoed 9/3/1958 To amend the FEDERAL AIRPORT ACT in order to extend the time for making grants under the provisions of such Act, and for other purposes. S. 3502,” Eisenhower Library.