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Missouri: Will voters approve a gas tax increase?

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Lawmakers say Texas getting shortchanged on highway funds

Jeff Davis is quoted discussing the intricacies of the gasoline tax.

California Voters To Decide Whether To Repeal Recent Gas Tax Hike

Eno President and CEO Robert Puentes says eliminating the gas tax increase in California “would surely hurt that state’s ability to invest in its transportation network.”

Transportation Funding Questions to Appear on State Midterm Ballots

Eno Center’s Robert Puentes says state and local efforts to boost transportation funding are indicative of a broad recognition that financial help from a federal infrastructure plan is nowhere in sight.

Industry Fuels Battle to Stop California’s Anti-Tax Prop. 6

Advocates and opponents continue to make their cases for and against California’s Prop 6, which would repeal last year’s gas tax increase. Dr. Marty Wachs talked to Eno last month for a podcast episode about…