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Ballots, Ballots, and More Ballots

Robert Puentes, the President CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation joins us for a whirlwind tour of all the transportation ballot initiatives taking place around the country. We talk trends, getting local, and the…

Ready to pay? Broward traffic and bus improvements will cost you

Broward County’s voter-approved transportation plan is the most expensive one in the country approved by voters this year, according to the Eno Center for Transportation.

With Election Over, Transportation Advocates Eye 2019 Battles

Voters last week approved nearly $31 billion in new state and local spending on transportation, according to the Eno Center for Transportation.

Despite fresh talk on infrastructure, ballot-measure failures show it’s an uphill battle

Eno’s Jeff Davis and Robert Puentes talked about the initial results from the 2018 midterms.

Voters Decide Fate of Transportation Funding Measures on State Ballots

Eno President Robert Puentes says the Trump Administration encourages “self-help” on the parts of states and cities dealing with transportation infrastructure challenges.

Nationwide, Transportation Measures Rolled to Victory

Several high-profile transportation measures passed this Election Day, when. voters considered over 300 measures to raise revenue for transportation.

Transportation on Ballots in Montgomery, Arlington, and Loudon County

The Eno Center for Transportation published an exhaustive list of ballot measures up for voting so far this year and this week on Election Day 2018. Ballots in Maryland and Virginia feature transportation measures on…

California Voters To Decide Whether To Repeal Recent Gas Tax Hike

Eno President and CEO Robert Puentes says eliminating the gas tax increase in California “would surely hurt that state’s ability to invest in its transportation network.”

Transportation Funding Questions to Appear on State Midterm Ballots

Eno Center’s Robert Puentes says state and local efforts to boost transportation funding are indicative of a broad recognition that financial help from a federal infrastructure plan is nowhere in sight.

Almost 300 Transportation Measures on November Ballot, Eno Says

Voters across the country will consider at least 291 measures related to transportation in the November election, according to an analysis by the Eno Center for Transportation.

Industry Fuels Battle to Stop California’s Anti-Tax Prop. 6

Advocates and opponents continue to make their cases for and against California’s Prop 6, which would repeal last year’s gas tax increase. Dr. Marty Wachs talked to Eno last month for a podcast episode about…