Garett Shrode recently graduated from Hope College in Holland, MI with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He has had a wide variety of internship experiences with non-profits, including Reason Foundation and the Stand Together Foundation, with the traffic department at the City of Wyoming, MI,  and with the private engineering firm, Driesenga & Associates, also in Holland. Additionally, Garett has had other semi-professional experiences with the National League of Cities and the City of Holland, MI.

At Hope College, Garett’s capstone research examined how education affects the perceptions of small-town residents of cycling infrastructure implementation. Garett was also involved in Student Government and Residential Life, taking a special interest in institutions and how people interact with and respond to both their physical and political aspects. Combining this interest with his lifelong passion for transportation and urban planning, Garett hopes to advance equitable and sustainable transportation policy in the United States.

Outside of the office, Garett enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, cycling, singing, and exploring communities both near and far.

Eno Transportation Weekly Articles

Submitting for Competitive NOFOs: Understanding Best Practices and Pitfalls

August 16, 2023 - On Wednesday, August 16, United for Infrastructure (An Accelerator for America program) and the National League of Cities (NLC) jointly hosted an hour-long workshop entitled, “Submitting for Competitive NOFOs: Understanding Best...

Proterra and Nova – U.S. Transit E-Bus Tribulations

August 18, 2023 - A major manufacturer of electric mass transit buses just filed for bankruptcy, and another just pulled out of the U.S. market. Why did this happen?


Yahoo News|July 24, 2023|Electric Vehicles, Federal Governance, Governance reform, Highways & Streets

Driving Change: Advice For The National VMT-Fee Pilot

The US faces funding challenges for transportation infrastructure due to changing vehicle technology. To address this, a national pilot program for a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) fee is being established. Recommendations include simplicity, scalability, and...

Yahoo News|February 27, 2023|Aviation, Federal Governance

Filling Gaps in US Spectrum Allocation: Reforms for Collaborative Management

The Eno Center for Transportation (Eno) and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) collaborated on an initiative to inform future spectrum allocations. These two independent,...

Media Mentions & Commentary

Marketplace|September 12, 2023|Fuel tax, Governance reform

As Gas Taxes Dwindle, States Seek Ways to Charge EVs

Garett Shrode with the Eno Center for Transportation said that approach has its pitfalls because “80% of electric vehicle charging happens at the home and not at public chargers.”

Governing|September 12, 2023|Federal Governance, Fuel tax, Governance reform, USDOT

Clock Ticking for States to Replace Dwindling Gas Taxes

“If you look at the numbers over the last two decades, we’ve been losing revenue to fuel-efficiency gains in internal combustion engines,” [Garett] Shrode says."