Sam LaMagna is the Director of Configurable Platforms for the IoT Platform Engineering and Development at the Intel Corporation. 

Previously, LaMagna was the Technical Assistant and Chief of Staff to Ton Steenman, Vice President and General Manager of the Intelligent System Group at Intel.  In this role LaMagna supported Steenman and his executive staff in the execution of the Intelligent Systems Group’s long-term strategy, and in the daily management of the group’s global business practices.

LaMagna has held a variety of roles throughout his Intel career such as Business Development Engineer, Market Development Manager, Software Product Line Manager, and Embedded Microprocessor Platform Product Line Manager.

LaMagna joined Intel in 1999 and has over 24 years of 8, 16, and 32bit embedded design and computing experiences.

LaMagna received his Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University, and hold a Masters of Business Administration in Global Management.