Managing Your Membership

Your membership now comes with a number of enhanced features, all of which can be accessed in your Membership tab.

To access your membership, navigate to the Membership tab at the top of your screen

Below you’ll find descriptions for the account options:

My Membership Overview:

Your membership overview includes a brief description of your account type, your name and organization, your membership duration, along with options to update your profile and set up autorenewal.


Hoping to renew your membership? What about joining as a fully-fledged member? Click here to bring your account to the next level, or renew at your existing rate. Our easy 5-step process will help you modify your current membership level or add people to your membership.

Membership Directory: A feature we’re very excited about, the Membership Directory lets you look up program alumni, fellow Eno members, Board associates, as well as other transportation professionals who work or have worked with Eno. Dive in to see who you can find!

Don’t be afraid to look around and reach out to us if you have any questions!