Transportation Quarterly

Winter 2001 • Volume 55, Number 1


Table of Contents


A Message from the Editor-in-Chief: A Look at the “Big Picture”

W. Bruce Allen


Optimal Level of Automobile Dependency:

A TQ Point/Counterpoint Exchange with Peter Samuel and Todd Litman


Impacts of Traffic Calming

Reid Ewing


Continuous Learning Process Model for Work Zone Safety Management

Omar B. Sawaya, Joseph L. Schafer, Athanasios K. Ziliaskopoulos, and Richard A. Raub


The Taxi Market in Athens, Greece, and Its Impacts on Urban Traffic

Joannis Golias and Matthew G. Karlaftis


Errata: Air Transportation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Abdussalam A. Addus and Anwar S. Khan


Transportation Quarterly

Spring 2001 Volume 55, Number 2


Table of Contents


A Letter from the President – Capacity: The Looming Crisis

Damian J. Kulash


Ideas in Motion: The Bicycle Transportation Controversy

John Forester


Short Line and Regional Railroad Executives Look at Their Industry

Michael Landry and John Ozment


Parking and Pedestrians: Balancing Two Key Elements in Downtown Development

Kent A. Robertson


Toward a ‘New Model Railway’ for the 21st Century: Lessons from Five Countries

James A. Dunn, Jr. and Anthony Perl


FAST Corridor: A Step Toward the Next Larger Questions

Peter D. Beaulieu


Transportation Quarterly

Transportation Quarterly

Fall 2001 Volume 55, Number 3

Table of Contents


A Letter from the President: Transportation Leadership

Damian J. Kulash


Ideas in Motion: Cycling Safety on Bikeways vs. Roads

John Pucher


Car Sharing

C. Kenneth Orski


Praxitele: A Transportation Concept

Marie-Helene Massot, Jean-Marc Blosseville and Morgan Mangeas


Temporal Patterns of Ethanol Use in the United States: 1981-1998

William D. Warren and Susan Ryan


A Euopean Approach to Context Sensitive Design

Nikiforos Stamatiadis