Transportation Quarterly

Winter 2000 – Volume 54, Number 1

Table of Contents


A Letter from the President: Major Changes to Serve You Better

Damian J. Kulash


Ideas in Motion: Transportation in the New Millennium

Anthony R. Kane


Ideas in Motion: Cities, Transport, and Energy

Brian Dudson


Ideas in Motion: Making the Pricing of Currently Free Highway Lanes Acceptable to the Public

Patrick DeCorla-Souza


Ideas in Motion: Variable-Rate State Gasoline Taxes Revisited

Z. Andrew Farkas


Making Walking and Cycling Safer: Lessons from Europe

John Pucher and Lewis Dijkstra


Impacts of Transit Fare Policy Initiatives Under an Automated Fare System

Peter J. Foote and Darwin G. Stuart


Tollway Sign and Pavement Markings – Recommended Design Guidelines

Robert E. Stammer, Jr. and David R. McDonald, Jr.


Service Reliability Impacts of Computer-Aided Dispatching and Automatic Vehicle Location Technology: A Tri-Met Case Study

James G. Strathman, Kenneth J. Dueker, Thomas Kimpel, Richard L. Gerhart, Ken Turner, Pete Taylor, Steve Callas, and David Griffin


Errata: Cheating our State Highways: Methods, Estimates and Policy Implications of Fuel Tax Evasion

Dwight V. Denison, Robert J. Eger III, and Merl M. Hackbart


Transportation Quarterly

Fall 2000 – Volume 54, Number 4

Table of Contents


A Letter from the President: Caring About Transportation

Damian J. Kulash


The Effects of Operating and Financial Leverage on the Stability of Airline Returns Over Time: The Contrast Between Southwest, Delta, and USAir

Richard D. Gritta, Edward J. Freed, and Garland Chow


U.S. Ports and the Funding of Intermodal Facilities: An Overview of Key Issues

David Luberoff and Jay Walder


Air Transportation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Abdussalam A. Addus and Anwar S. Khan


Management Information Systems: An Overview of Practices in Marine Container Terminals in Australia and Asia

Jyotirmaya Behera, Chandra Bhuta, and Graham Thorpe


Transportation in America: Supplement to the 17th Edition

Rosalyn Wilson