This page is a one-stop reference for transportation P3 resources. While P3 research often spans across different project types much of the fundamental concepts are transferrable.

This page will be updated as new research is made available.

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The Eno Center for Transportation has been involved in the P3 space since with the Eno P3 Working Group (now renamed the Transportation Finance Working Group), formed in 2012 and co-chaired by former Secretaries of Transportation Norman Mineta and Mary Peters. This Working Group has been made possible by generous funding from the Surdna Foundation.

While there is an abundance of P3 research about its economic benefits, the Working Group set out to look at strategies for reducing barriers to implementation while still protecting the public interest. This research effort culminated in our 2014 report, Partnership Financing: Improving Transportation Infrastructure Through Public Private Partnerships.

Following the report, the Working Group taking the lessons learned from the research and using it to help local governments across the U.S. learn more about the P3 development process. This is being carried out through our P3 Technical Assistance Awards, geared towards educating the public sector about P3s.

The information is divided into four areas:

  • Eno publications
  • News resources
  • Research
  • Resources for state and local governments

Eno publications

Main Recommendations: Executive summary of the Partnership Financing report, including key findings

Key Recommendations for Federal Policy: Summarizes our recommendations for federal-level P3 policy from the Partnership Financing report

Key Recommendations for States and Localities: Summarizes our recommendations for state- and local-level policy from the Partnership Financing report

Slide Deck: Informational slide that provides a more detailed summary of the Partnership Financing report

Summit Proceedings: Eno P3 Technical AssistanceAwards P3 Summit: DC Officof Public-Private Partnerships (OP3)

Summit Proceedings: Eno P3 Technical Assistance Awards P3 Summit: Broward County

Summit Proceedings: Eno P3 Technical Assistance Awards P3 Summit: Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) 

News resources

The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (for all project types)

Public Works Financing (for all project types)


National Conference of State Legislatures:

George Mason University, Center for Transportation Public-Private Partnership Policy:

House T&I (Sept 2014), Public-Private Partnerships: balancing the needs of the public and private sectors for finance the nation’s infrastructure

PricewaterhouseCooper (June 2010), Public-Private Partnerships: The US Perspective

The Pew Center on the States (March 2009), Driven by Dollars

Bipartisan Policy Center (Oct 2016), Lessons from Public-Private Partnerships. Includes case studies looking at infrastructure P3s across the US.*

Resources for state and local governments

The Build America Bureau, under U.S. DOT, provides resources and technical assistance for state and local governments.

The BATIC Institute is a partnership with AASHTO and the Department of Transportation to provide technical assistance about transportation financing (including P3s).

Successful Practices for P3s: A review of what works when delivering transportation via public-private partnerships (March 2016)

Governing (2016). Guide to Financial Literacy Vol. 3: Understanding the Risks & Rewards of Public-Private Partnerships. Part of Governing’s series “Guide to Financial Literacy” that focuses on P3s broadly (including transportation projects).

Guidebook for Financing of Highway Public-Private Partnership Projects (December 2016)