May 20, 2016

Alexander Laska

Insightful Trends In Airline Industry Emerge From New Eno Center Project

Interactive Webpage Brings Aviation Data To Life – With Revealing Results

WASHINGTON DC – The Eno Center for Transportation today released Eno Aviation Insights. This project works to better understand the full picture of where the modern airline industry is going and how people, business, and government are going to be affected.

Economic deregulation in 1979 allowed the airline industry total flexibility to set routes, define capacity, and determine fares. Since this change more than 30 years ago, the aviation industry has transformed itself. While the available evidence suggests that overall economic deregulation has benefited passengers and the U.S. economy, there is a need to study the current state of the industry. This project aims to show where the industry has come from and where it is headed from an independent and objective perspective.

The data in this project is designed to illustrate key trends in the airline industry. Eno’s Aviation Insights covers the following topics:

  • Safety
  • Passengers
  • Cost of Travel
  • Profitability
  • Competition/Service

Eno’s analysis starts with government and industry data, and presents results in an accessible way to the media, passengers, and the public at large. As a neutral party, Eno is a unique position to present an impartial and credible analysis.

In the coming months, Eno will update and supplement these data with more detailed metrics that can help evaluate how the airline industry is performing for consumers, airlines, employees, and the overall economy.

To view the Eno Aviation Insights webpage, click here.