May 19, 2016

Alexander Laska

Washington, DC – On May 19, the Eno Freight Working Group released the report Delivering the Goods: Recommendations for Funding a Federal Freight Program at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington DC. The report, based on extensive research, debate, and discussion, recommends a funding source for expanding and improving the United States’ national freight program. This is the first time a consensus group is releasing specific funding recommendations for a federal freight program.

The Eno Freight Working Group brought together freight industry experts, stakeholders, and thought leaders to develop consensus around a specific recommendation for funding a multimodal freight program at the federal level.

Based on research and analysis in Eno’s newest report, the Working Group developed the following recommendations:

  • The national multimodal freight discretionary program, established by the FAST Act, should have total funding of at least $2 billion annually, with the ability to increase the funding as the program becomes established.
  • Congress should appropriate general fund revenues for the national multimodal freight discretionary program.
  • In the long-term, Congress should authorize the implementation of a cost of freight shipment (COFS) fee dedicated to the national multimodal freight discretionary grant program.

The report was released at a hill event that featured industry experts, including Congressman Alan Lowenthal and former Senator Norman Coleman.

To download the full report, click here.