Washington D.C. – The Eno Center for Transportation – a national, nonpartisan transportation think tank – has given its website a significant makeover. EnoTrans.org now is poised to be the go-to online spot for all things related to transportation policy, research, and professional training. It also serves to highlight Eno Transportation Weekly, the publication sector insiders consider a must-read on federal transportation policy.

Earlier this year, Eno acquired Jeff Davis’ highly regarded Transportation Weekly and hired Davis as a Senior Fellow. Together, they set out to create the best possible way to distribute Davis’ exceptional knowledge and expertise to the transportation community. Eno’s new website allows members both to read Eno Transportation Weekly content online and download a PDF version of each weekly issue.

Other highlights of the new EnoTrans.org include the following:

  • New Eno Transportation Library (ETL): A digitized, searchable collection of thousands of historical transportation documents. When complete, the ETL will be an archive of more than 100 years of federal transportation policy history.
  • Speakers Bureau for Expert News Analysis: A listing of Eno’s experts who are available for comment, interviews, speeches, and briefings on any number of topics in the world of transportation policy.