Transportation Crossword Puzzle

August 31, 2016

This crossword puzzle is primarily based around federal transportation policy acronyms – acronyms for bills and laws, for programs and agencies, for companies, for measurements, and for the occasional IATA airport codes and ICAO airline codes.  But there are also a few people, organization and place names scattered in there.

(Answers in next week’s issue.)



4) Defunct ATC union
5) It’s been just around the corner for the last 50 years
7) Main Senate author of 1956 highway bill
8) Where Air Jordans take to the air
9) Clinton’s 1997 surface bill acronym
11) Between city and state
12) Father of traffic safety
13) Parent agency of Public Roads, 1939-1949
15) Rodney Slater opened it up to civilians
17) House 1991 surface bill acronym
20) She lived research from 2005-2014
21) Where Amtrak got $$ to buy new Alstom cars
22) House 1998 surface bill acronym
24) MIT, when in the air
26) The “U” in STURAA
29) The first “A” in SAFETEA-LU
31) Flew Clippers, 1927-1991
32) WMATA’s immediate predecessor
33) Airport of Music City, USA
34) The only USDOT S-2 ever to serve time in federal prison
35) The “E” in ISTEA


1) Oldest pro-good-roads group: League of _________
2) Merged with BN in 1996
3) 2nd USDOT S-1
4) You or I, when flying
6) Nowhere, AK
8) The “P” in MAP-21
10) Its biggest loan was to 24 Down
14) The “W” in GROW AMERICA
16) Clearwater’s easy airport
18) It gave $8B for HSR
19) Contra supra
21) 3rd of 4 R’s
23) The original name for Amtrak
24) Runs DCA and IAD
25) A measure for cargo
26) FTA, pre-1991
27) It mandated PTC
28) Most recently built large hub in US
30) Regulated airfares until 1983

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