(ETW April Fools) Down-on-His-Luck Herbie Finds New Hope Driving for Lyft


HOLLYWOOD, CA – It’s an old Hollywood cliché, washed-up movie star hasn’t found decent work in years, goes into debt, and is forced to work any job they can get. While this is an age-old story that we have all heard it before, the City of Stars is beginning to realize that the problem extends far beyond its human stars.

Celebrity gossip site, TMZ, recently broke the story that Herbie, the loveable 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, is now working as both a Lyft car and driver.

Getting his start in the 1968 classic, The Love Bug, Herbie has been a fixture in the Hollywood scene for nearly 50 years. From his breakout role, Herbie experienced success with a number of films in the 1970’s including Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, and Herbie Goes Bananas.

Without much work in the 1980’s and 90’s, Herbie hoped to breath new life into his career by starring in Herbie Fully Loaded in with Lindsey Lohan in 2005. Sadly, Lohan’s downward spiral in recent years has only dragged Herbie’s reputation down, along with a string of failed attempts to act in other car-centric movies yielded little. It’s well known that Herbie auditioned for the Fast and Furious franchise and as a voice actor for Disney Pixar’s Cars.

TMZ’s investigation also revealed that Herbie is in terrible debt after his Volkswagen stocks lost most of their value due to the company’s 2015 emissions scandal. Out of luck and options, Herbie has resorted to driving for Lyft.

Nowadays, Herbie can be found driving up and down the Hollywood Hills, shuttling aspiring hopefuls to auditions. As one actor falls another takes his place. Herbie hopes for another chance, but for now he’s driving without much luck.

The little Love Bug has terrible ratings as a driver. When asked about the matter, Lyft said their customers were wary of riding in an anthropomorphic car and complained about Herbie’s wild driving style. Known for his erratic and sometimes daredevil driving on the big screen, his real-life driving is no different.

While he may have once wished for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Herbie is now just hoping you will give him 5 stars on the Lyft app.

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