Letter from the Guest Editor, Mary Peters

Dear Eno Members and Subscribers,

It is my pleasure to serve as guest editor for this week’s Women’s Takeover edition of Eno Transportation Weekly. This week’s ETW was written, edited, and distributed completely by women in honor of Women’s History Month and includes contributions from a diverse group of leaders and experts in the field of transportation.

Transportation today is being transformed by technology as well as changing lifestyle choices, a growing population, and energy sources. Women are at the forefront of this transformation, contributing to policy, planning, and engineering innovations that are propelling our nation’s transportation system into the future. This edition is an opportunity to highlight their work, while giving our readers the chance to learn more about some of the most important topics in transportation today, such as emerging technology, rural transportation systems, infrastructure financing, workforce diversity, and freight investment.

We hope you enjoy this week’s collection of articles showcasing the knowledge and contributions of women from across the country.


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