ETW Special Edition – Women Take Over

March is Women’s History Month and with it comes the opportunity to learn about women leaders who have shaped our country and our world.  Here at Eno, we wanted to use this opportunity to also honor the women who are at the forefront of transportation today.  Across all modes, women are contributing to policy, planning, and engineering innovations to transform our nation’s transportation system now and into the future.

Next week, Former USDOT secretary and current Eno Board member Mary Peters will serve as the guest editor of a special Women Take Over edition of Eno Transportation Weekly (ETW).  This edition will be written, edited, and distributed completely by women and offer an opportunity to highlight the substantive and valuable contributions of women to the transportation industry.  Contributions by over a dozen leading women in the transportation field will cover a wide range of topics, such as emerging technology, rural transportation systems, infrastructure financing, workforce diversity, and freight capacity.  We hope you will enjoy next week’s edition and learning more about women’s substantive and valuable contributions.

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