Eno/MAX is a program designed by transit agencies, for transit agencies dedicated to cultivating leadership fostering meaningful connections relentlessly pursuing excellence

The Eno/MAX program is designed to foster collaboration among transit agencies sharing similar operational and management characteristics. Each participating agency will carefully choose eight individuals displaying both high potential and exceptional performance. Throughout the program year, these participants will spend a week of programming at each agency. These visits offer a comprehensive range of activities, including leadership development and training, operational tours, best practice highlights, business project presentations, peer-to-peer networking opportunities, senior leadership forums/round tables, and keynote speeches from industry leaders.

Throughout the program year, each participant works on a specific business project. Participants commit to developing an implementable proposal to solve high-priority, airport-defined business problems or untapped opportunities using information obtained during the airport visits, on their own between visits, and by seeking out expertise within the cohort. The goal is to bring innovative solutions, best practices, and new knowledge to their home agency by the end of the program year. The program is co-produced by participating cohorts and facilitated by Eno.

Each year, three to four agencies are grouped together to form an Eno/MAX cohort. Each agency strategically selects 8 high performing talent within their workforce using their own internal process.

This program is defined by four core pillars:

Through these pillars, participants will get a broad understanding of a particular agency and its strengths, challenges, innovations, and strategies; and ultimately, bring that wealth of information back to their home agency.

The MAX program offers member-agencies and selected participants unique opportunities to:

• Form a collaborative team with multiple partner agencies, representing leaders across the nation.

• Visit and get first-hand insights of how business is done at other agencies in a program year, thereby informing best practices and valuable lessons learned.

• Deepen formal and informal networking with peers at partner agencies.

• Expand transportation industry knowledge and develop critical thinking skills on relevant trends, change, and impact.

• Get exposure to and build currency with executive and senior leadership.

• Conduct self-driven Business Project research at partner agencies.

• Receive Business Case and Business Project training and hone leadership and business skills competencies.

For the agencies, the program benefits are:

  • Identify, develop and retain future leaders; Engage and invest in the best and brightest talent
  • Increase the agency’s ability to identify and respond to transit trends
  • Improve staff performance and accountability
  • Share best practices and promote innovation
  • Foster a strong and vibrant intra-agency community
  • Solve high-priority, agency-defined business problems, click here for examples

For the participants, the program benefits are:

  • Improve technical knowledge and performance
  • Forge lasting connections within a dynamic peer network and foster collaboration
  • Gain profound insights into the intricacies of home agency’s role in the industry at large
  • Hone leadership techniques and elevate career skills to new heights
  • Provide tools to advance career


In 2012, leaders at the Regional Transportation District of Denver, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority, and Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority realized they shared similar challenges at their agencies and began to discuss how they could learn and collaborate with each other. Together with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, these leaders created the first Multi-Agency Exchange.

The program brought front-line managers to visit their counterparts in the other agencies for this collaborative best-practice sharing program. In 2017, these agencies began collaborating with Eno to expand the leadership development and networking and alumni programming. Since its inception, the MAX Program has brought together over 250 professionals and saved participating agencies millions of dollars.

In 2018, Valley Metro (Phoenix) and Sound Transit (Seattle) joined the program; in 2019, WMATA in DC and CATS in Charlotte, NC came on board, and in 2020, the Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT). Together with the participating agencies, Eno is looking to continue to incrementally expand the program to include additional transit agencies. This program will provide critically needed training for first-level supervisors, help build a network of professionals, and improve people readiness of the industry.

In 2019 and beyond, Eno and the current agencies will continue to collaborate and bring on new partners

As a national, independent think tank, Eno serves as a powerful convener to bring leaders together. We are a nonpartisan, 501(c) nonprofit and the only national organization focusing on all modes of transportation at all levels of government. The Eno Center for Transportation (“Eno”) is the national leader regarded as the go-to source for quality research, relevant policy analysis, and exclusive professional development programs dedicated to the transportation industry. Since 1999, Eno’s professional development programs have garnered renown for their unparalleled quality and transformative impact. These legacy programs have garnered the highest esteem from the industry, agency CEOs, senior staff, and the participants. The program is led by a team of learning professionals with deep policy expertise, experience with transportation operations and management, and over 60 years of combined experience in adult pedagogy and the crafting of potent leadership curricula.

Eno’s Professional Development Programs (PDP) team is responsible for designing, developing and delivering leadership training programs that are relevant and specific to transportation workforce needs. In addition to the Eno/MAX program, PDP provides ready-to-apply training for a wide range of industry learners, from future leaders, who have just completed graduate degrees; to managers responsible for the day-to-day operations and team leadership; and to senior leaders and executives who are currently running transit agencies. In total, several hundred learners, lecturers, learning partners, and key stakeholders participate in the professional development programs each year. The overarching mission of Eno’s PDP is to improve the people-readiness of a skilled workforce, leadership development, and innovation for the transportation industry.

Eno/MAX Interest Form 2024

If you or your agency would like to be considered for future Eno/MAX programs, or if you have any questions about joining the Eno/MAX Program, please contact the Professional Development team at justlead@enotrans.org.