Peter Martin is a transportation specialist at CDM Smith. Peter joined the San Francisco office in 1970 and serves as a senior transportation engineer. As a project principal, he has completed more than 300 transportation planning and engineering studies, which typically involved complex transportation and land use interrelationships. Mr. Martin’s experience encompasses projects across the globe including many transportation, transit, and multimodal planning projects.

Mr. Martin served as a review panelist for the Transportation Research Board study, Establishing Guidelines for Transit Vehicles and Facilities on Streets and Highways (Project D-09) which served as major input to AASHTO’s recently published reference and for TCRP Report 153 – Guidelines for Improving Access to Public Transportation Stations, for TCRP Report 167 – An Exploration of Fixed Guideway Transit Investment Criteria, and for SB-22, Integrating Passenger Ferry Services with Mass Transit. He is currently assisting TCRP with state of the practice research on electric battery buses and NCHRP with research on Improving the Highway Geometric Design Process and also on Right Sizing Scenarios.

Mr. Martin’s public transit planning experience encompasses: route analysis; marketing; scheduling and operations strategies; and maintenance facility planning. Principal projects included the first comprehensive restructuring of San Francisco MUNI’s routes and planning the establishment of a new 300-bus service for San Mateo County. His experience totals more than 80 transit service planning projects.