Herman Haksteen is President of the Private Railcar Food and Beverage Association, Inc., a trade association comprised of 13 global food and beverage companies and manufacturers headquartered in North America.


Herman started his career in supply chain with McDonald’s Canada back in the 1980’s, and since then has held a variety of positions including President of both an international and a domestic third-party logistics provider, COO of an asset-based refrigerated trucking company, and prior to his current position at MHW Group, Herman was a Divisional President with the Martin Brower Company, a global distributor for McDonalds Restaurants.
In 2005, Herman was appointed as CEO of the MHW Group. MHW Group, is a supply chain company that operates two pubic refrigerated cold storage facilities and Cryo-Trans which is the largest manufacturer and lessor of refrigerated and insulated railcars in North America.
In 2016, Herman was appointed by the Board of Directors of the Private Railcar Food and Beverage Association as the President of PRFBA.