Eno Alumni-

By the time you read this, I will have left the Eno Center and started my new job at the US Department of Transportation. It is bittersweet to move on, but I know that I leave behind an excellent team to carry on our people development mission. Eno has meant a great deal to me. It is a wholly unique organization in the transportation field, and I feel lucky to have been a part of it.

During my last week at work, I went through Eno’s ample photo albums. I intended to pull down a few photographs I was in. Instead, I found myself scrolling through every picture, reminiscing about all of the other people in the photos and our shared experiences. I don’t think I realized until that point the sheer number of people I have had the good fortune to meet during my tenure at Eno. To the hundreds of participants, dozens of speakers, and the talented Eno staff who make these programs happen, THANK YOU!

Every person in those photographs connected with their fellow students and contributed to the group dynamic. Each class develops its own distinct personality, with every individual contributing a bit of themselves. It has been a thrill to see this happen for each class I was a part of at Eno. I hope that each of you came away from your Eno experience better prepared to make an impact in the transportation field. But in the more immediate term, know that you have already made an impact on your classmates, my Eno colleagues, and on me.


Alex Bond