Dear Eno Alumni,

Winter is a different kind of busy at Eno. We get a respite from our class travels, but we are hard at work teeing up our programs for the rest of the year. Right now we just finished the application process for our Future Leaders Development Conference and applications are open for the Transit Mid-Manager Program. The most exciting part is getting to know the shape and form of our upcoming classes. Starting in March, we get to put faces to names and meet the people in person, beginning with the Transit Senior Executive Program.

Eno has been building leaders since 2004 through our workshops. Last year marked an important turning point in the Eno people development program with the launch of the Eno Multi-Agency Exchange (EnoMAX) program.

EnoMAX is a simple concept—people learn from other people and witness things firsthand. Cohorts of students from similar properties are brought together for a series of site visits. At each visit, students hear from senior leaders, attend tours, and exchange ideas with people with their same job portfolio. Plus, the program is sprinkled with Eno’s respected leadership instruction and national network of dynamic guest lecturers. Each student is tasked with addressing a single business project, which lets them bring back a well-rounded case for improvements at their home property.

Involvement in EnoMAX is determined at the agency level. If your transit agency might be interested in participating, please let us know by filling out the interest form. We will follow up with more information on the EnoMAX program. When there are enough comparable properties committed, a new EnoMAX Group will be launched!

Ensuring the people-readiness of the transportation industry is Eno’s “cathedral.” Whether through EnoMAX, our leadership courses, LDC, or one of our alumni programs, we look forward to engaging you as part of our community!


Alex Bond

Director, Center for Transportation Leadership