This is version 1.0 of our summary tables for the Senate’s Department of Transportation appropriations bill for fiscal year 2023.

This PDF file contains eight tables:

  1. A 3-page table showing every USDOT discretionary budget account funded by the bill itself.
  2. A 1-page table showing major discretionary accounts only
  3. A 1-page table showing how the Transportation-HUD bill as a whole met its budget allocation.
  4. A 1-page table showing all USDOT funding available in FY 2023, by mode, from all sources.
  5. A 1-page table showing DOT budget accounts that combine IIJA advance appropriations and regular discretionary appropriations.
  6. A 1-page detail table showing the Federal Aviation Administration budget at the sub-account PPA level.
  7. A 1-page table showing the three general fund discretionary “plus-up” appropriations for airports, highways and bridges, and mass transit contract authority programs.
  8. A 1-page table showing earmark amounts in the 2022 law and the 2023 bills.