PDF file containing three memos relating to the Johnson Administration’s quest for more transportation user charges:

  • A May 12, 1966 memo from the Director of the Bureau of the Budget to President Johnson asking him to sign a memo to department and agency heads asking them to push harder on user charge legislation.
  • The memo signed by Johnson and sent publicly released on May 17, 1966 which singled out his proposed transportation user charge increases for their importance.
  • A reply memo to Johnson from the Secretary of Commerce dated May 21, 1966 updating the President on the status of the transportation user charge proposals, including private discussions with the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Wilbur Mills, and with transportation industry lobbyists. The memo also details how increased highway spending authorizations from the Public Works Committees were increasing pressure on the tax committees to either increase Highway Trust Fund taxes or else repeal the “Byrd Amendment” which limited apportionments to estimated future tax receipts levels.