This is a PDF file containing records of the July 7, 1958 Cabinet meeting at which the finances of U.S. airlines, and their need to get additional financing to convert piston-engine planes to jets, was discussed.

The 71-page file contains the following documents, in order:

  • The agenda for the July 7 meeting, dated July 3 (one page).
  • A memo to President Eisenhower from his Cabinet Secretary, outlining the items to be discussed at the meeting (two pages).
  • A memo from the Cabinet Secretary to chief of staff Sherman Adams discussing the airline paper (one page).
  • A memo to the President from his Advisory Committee on Government Organization dated July 7 discussing the airline financing issue (three pages).
  • A letter to the President from his Special Aviation Advisor, Elwood Quesada, dated July 3, summarizing and transmitting a report on the airline equipment financing issue from Paul Cherington of Harvard University (four pages).
  • The Cherington Report itself, with a cover page declaring it Cabinet paper 58-83 (50 pages).
  • Two pages of possible actions by the government or alternative courses of action in response to the report.
  • Minutes of the Cabinet discussion (three pages).
  • The official Record of Action of the Cabinet meeting (one page).
  • The eventual letter from President Eisenhower to Congress transmitting the report, along with the letter from the President to Quesada (one page).

The Cherington Report was submitted to Congress on August 5, 1958 and printed as House Document 430 of the 85th Congress. (Cherington would go on to be an Assistant Secretary of Transportation under President Nixon.)

Original documents in Box 11 of the Cabinet Series of the Ann Whitman File, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Papers as President, 1953-1961, in the Eisenhower Library, Abilene, Kansas.