This is a January 28, 1966 memo from Cecil Mackey of the Commerce Department to Alan Boyd, Under Secretary of Commerce for Transportation, transmitting the latest for how the White House task force on creating DOT was thinking of handling urban transportation issues. Mackey encloses a short issue paper from Charles Zwick of the Budget Bureau with a proposed division of responsibilities between HUD and the proposed new DOT, based on a high-level White House meeting on the issue that had taken place on January 25.

However, Zwick  later remembered in an April 1969 oral history interview that: “In fact we had a meeting in Califano’s office one night I remember very clearly, with Califano, Schultze., Weaver, Boyd and myself, in which I outlined a solution which I insist to this day that they all agreed to. We then had a subsequent meeting over in the Bureau, an expanded meeting in which Schultze was there, Boyd was there, Lee White came over–he was still in the White House at that point and interested in transportation matters. When I outlined the solution I had evolved, all of them disowned it–Boyd, Schultze–so I gave up.”