This is a PDF file with 7 summary tables relating to the draft Transportation-Housing appropriations bill for fiscal year 2020 approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee on September 19, 2019. The tables are, in order:

  • Major discretionary accounts at USDOT (1 page)
  • Account-by-account summary of the entire USDOT budget (3 pages)
  • FAA budget breakdown by program-project-activity (1 page)
  • FTA Capital Investment Grant account breakdown (1 page)
  • Funding in the Senate bills vs FAST Act authorization levels (1 page)
  • General fund supplements for contract authority programs (1 page)
  • 302(b) budget allocation breakdown for the whole bill (1 page)

(These numbers were checked on the morning of Sept. 20 with the table in the back of the committee report and are no longer preliminary.)