Alexander Laska

Washington, D.C. – Eno Center for Transportation President and CEO Joshua L. Schank has announced he will be leaving next month and will be taking on an exciting new public sector opportunity to be announced shortly.

Dr. Schank joined the Eno Center for Transportation – a neutral, nonpartisan think tank – in February 2011. Prior to this role, he directed the National Transportation Policy project at the Bipartisan Policy Center and served as Transportation Policy Advisor to Senator Hillary Clinton during the development of the last six-year transportation authorization bill (SAFETEA-LU). Dr. Schank also worked as a consultant with PB Consult and Senior Associate at ICF International in Washington, D.C., the Office of the Inspector General’s in the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City.

“I am very proud of what we have accomplished at Eno over the last several years, and it is difficult for me to leave. But I am looking forward to taking many of the ideas for innovations in transportation that we have developed at Eno and implementing them,” said Dr. Schank.

Eno’s Board of Directors accepted Dr. Schank’s resignation with regret and great appreciation for his contributions to the Eno Center. Lillian Borrone, Chairman of the Board, stated, “Dr. Schank has met and exceeded every area of our expectations. He has furthered the Center’s reputation for objective transportation issue illumination, policy leadership, and professional education. The programs and products which have emerged during Joshua’s tenure have resulted in the growth of Eno, the embrace of our thought-provoking work by public media, and strengthened partnerships with public and private policy and transportation interests. We wish Dr. Schank every success in his new role.”

The Eno Board will undertake a recruitment process for its new President and CEO. In the interim, Eno Senior Fellow Emil Frankel will serve in that capacity until the position is filled. Mr. Frankel independently consults on transportation policy and public management issues, having previously served as Director of Transportation Policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center, Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy of the U.S. Department of Transportation from 2002 to 2005, and as Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Transportation from 1991 to 1995.

Dr. Schank will remain with the organization until October 2, 2015.


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