This PDF file contains two documents relating to a December 5, 1957 meeting at the White House between senior Eisenhower Administration staff and seven railroad CEOs, regarding the financial situation of the railroad industry:

  • The minutes of the meeting itself, beginning with an attendance list (5 pages). The minutes conclude with White House chief of staff Sherman Adams directing the reconvening of the Cabinet Committee that produced the 1955 “Weeks Report” on transportation, to be led by the Commerce Department.
  • A follow-up memo from the Under Secretary of Commerce to White House staffers suggesting an agenda for the first meeting of the Cabinet Committee (2 pages).

The Cabinet Committee issued its report in March 1958. That report, as well as details of the Cabinet meeting discussing the report, and the revised and edited form of the report that was transmitted to Congress in April 1958 (and which became the basis for the Transportation Act of 1958), can be read here.

Original document in folder “OF 150 Transportation (3)” in Box 677 of the Official File, Dwight D. Eisenhower Records as President (White House Central Files), 1953-1961, Eisenhower Library, Abilene. Kansas.