This is a 39-page PDF file relating to the Cabinet meeting of December 17, 1954 where the initial draft of the “Weeks Report” (the report of the Cabinet Committee on Transport Policy and Organization) was discussed.

The file contains the following documents, in order:

  • A cover memo from Cabinet Secretary Maxwell Raab to White House Chief of Staff Sherman Adams dated December 14, 1954, transmitting the draft report (1 page).
  • Cabinet Paper CP-6 (the draft of the Weeks Report) and its transmission memo to the Cabinet from Raab, dated December 8, 1954 (29 pages).
  • The minutes of the Cabinet meeting of December 17, 1954, which indicate that President Eisenhower knew that the release of the report would prompt “demagoguery and partisanship” (7 pages).
  • The official Record of Action of the Cabinet meeting (2 pages).

Original documents located in the Ann Whitman File of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Papers as President, 1953-1961, in the Cabinet Series, Box 4, Eisenhower Library.