This is a PDF file containing the text of the five amendments to the amendment in the nature of a substitute to S. 2302, the America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act, at the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee markup on July 30, 2019:

  • Carper #1 – amends the authorizations in sec. 1101 of the substitute to further subdivide funding under the competitive side of the PROTECT grant program.
  • Duckworth #2 (revised) – adds a new section to the substitute requiring FHWA to study existing and future impacts of self-driving vehicles on the roads.
  • Inhofe-Boozman #1 – amends sec. 1110 of the substitute to make marine highway projects (including inland waterway projects) eligible for INFRA grants.
  • Merkley #3 (revised) – amends sec. 1528 of the substitute to require priority be given to pollinator-friendly wildflowers.
  • Van Hollen #3 (revised) – amends sec. 3001 of the substitute to increase funding for the VMT pilot programs from $25 million per year to $30 million per year (with the increase split 50-50 between the state pilots and the national pilot).