Washington, DC—With the 2018 elections quickly approaching, the Eno Center for Transportation released on Tuesday a database of transportation-related measures that will appear before voters this year. Eno also released a five-episode podcast series, “Transportation at the Ballot Box,” featuring interviews with experts discussing details of several key measures.

“Elections are about priorities, and across the country voters will decide whether they want their city or state to invest more in transportation,” said Robert Puentes, President and CEO of Eno. “Eno will be watching closely this November—as we have done in previous years—to see which transportation measures pass or fail, why, and what we can learn at the national level about voter interest in transportation.”

All told, voters in 25 states will decide on over 250 transportation ballot measures this Election Day, totaling over $55 billion in potential investment. That is on top of the 196 measures that have already appeared before voters earlier this year. Eno’s database, which is free to download, describes what each measure does, what revenue stream it relies on, how much money it raises (if applicable), and what transportation modes are eligible.

Eno’s new podcast series, “Transportation at the Ballot Box,” goes in-depth to explore ballot measures in five states and localities:

  • California, where voters will decide whether to repeal the 2017 gas tax increase;
  • Connecticut, where voters will decide whether to put the state’s Special Transportation Fund in a lockbox;
  • Hillsborough County (Tampa), Florida, where voters will decide whether to raise the sales tax to fund transportation improvements;
  • Colorado, where voters will decide between two competing ballot measures – one that raises new money for all transportation modes, and one that funds just road improvements with existing revenue; and
  • Missouri, where voters will decide whether to raise the gas tax to fund transportation improvements.

The episodes feature interviews with experts on the ground in those states discussing what the ballot measures do, what issues are at play, and what lessons national listeners can take away from what voters decide.

Access the database here. Listen to the podcast here.

The Eno Center for Transportation does not endorse or oppose any of the measures in the database or podcast series. The information is provided for research purposes only.