Memo presented to President Reagan on November 17, 1986, expressing the views of the Administration on the enrolled bill H.R. 6, the Water Resources Development Act of 1986.

The file contains:

  • A memo from the Office of Management and Budget summarizing the bill and the views of federal agencies and recommending the President’s signature.
  • A White House staffing memo where key staff signed off on the recommendation that the President sign the bill into law.
  • A letter from the Corps of Engineers strongly supporting the bill.
  • An excerpt of the Corps’ section-by-section summary of the bill relating to the revenue and trust fund provisions of the bill (this PDF only contains the summary of title XIV, which created the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund and imposed the Harbor Maintenance Tax).
  • A draft signing statement prepared by the Corps of Engineers to be delivered by President Reagan.
  • A memo from White House Counsel Peter Wallison recommending that the President not issue the signing statement because it was not necessary. (The statement was not delivered.)
  • The White House press release announcing that the President had signed the bill into law.