White House papers, letters and memos relating to the November 10, 1982 meeting of the Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs to discuss Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis’s proposal for a gasoline and diesel tax increase. These papers include:

  • A November 6, 1982 memo from CCEA coordinator Roger Porter to CCEA members laying out the topic and summarizing the arguments on both sides.
  • A private November 9, 1982 memo from Porter to Treasury Secretary Donald Regan (who chaired the CCEA) summarizing the arguments but endorsing the proposal and noting that Counsellor to the President Ed Meese had also decided to support the proposal.
  • A November 9, 1982 memo to Secretary Regan from Treasury Legislative Affairs discussing the Congressional politics of the gas tax proposal.
  • An attendance roll call of the November 10, 1982 meeting.
  • The handouts from the Office of Management and Budget making arguments against the gas tax increase.
  • The formal minutes of the meeting.
  • A memo sent to President Reagan from Secretary Lewis hours after the meeting giving more detail on how his plan would spend the increased gas tax money (with a November 12 cover letter to Secretary Regan from Roger Porter).