This is a series of White House memos from December 1965 relating to outreach sessions held with transportation stakeholder groups to solicit their opinions in an off-the-record setting on two prongs of the draft 1966 Johnson Administration legislative agenda for transportation: the creation of a Department of Transportation and economic regulatory reform.

Included in this PDF file are six documents:

  • A December 9, 1965 set of talking points for the meetings (probably from White House aide Lee White, who organized the meetings and conducted them along with White House domestic policy chief Joseph Califano, Jr.).
  • An undated handwritten list of possible attendees.
  • White’s summary of the December 11, 1965 meeting with railroad interests.
  • White’s summary of the December 14, 1965 meeting with trucking interests (including Malcolm McLean – yes, the Malcolm McLean).
  • White’s summary of the December 15, 1965 meeting with inland waterways interests.
  • White’s summary of the December 22, 1965 meeting with airline interests.