This PDF file consists of:

  • An October 16, 1959 memo from White House advisor Robert Merriam recounting an October 15 conversation with President Eisenhower wherein the President had decided not to submit the September 1959 proposal to create a U.S. Department of Transportation to the affected department and agency heads, instead preferring to meet with his Advisory Committee on Government Organization first.
  • Several draft letters from the President to department and agency heads transmitting the USDOT report that were not sent.
  • A November 12, 1959 memorandum for the record summarizing a November 6, 1959 meeting between the President, his brother Milton, and members of the Advisory Committee where the President said he was “worried about the cost of creating another new department which would need a building and all the other overhead involved in departmental status.” The decision was made to discuss the proposal with affected department and agency heads while emphasizing that the proposal was only a draft and that the President had not made up his mind.